Nailfold Capillary Microscopy Color Microcirculation Microscope video microcircu

Nailfold Capillary Microscopy Color Microcirculation Microscope video microcircu

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                     Nailfold Capillary Microscopy Color Microcirculation Microscope video microcirculation microscope



Capillary Microcirculation Scope / microcirculation microscope



What's micro circulation ?


The micro circulation is by blood, the lymph and tissue fluid

flowing which directly participates in the organization, the cell

matter, the energy, the information transmission . May directly

observe the blood flows in the thin artery, the blood capillary,

and the thin vein  through the micro circulation microscope , but

if it does not do the special handling is that cannot see clearly

the lymph and tissue fluid mobile, therefore, on clinical usually

thought the micro circulation  refers to the blood micro

circulation in the blood capillary .




Distributed pattern for  finger nail fold blood capillary 






Distributed pattern for  finger nail fold blood capillary



The observation for nail fold micro circulation is mainly from

three aspects ,including the shape, the fluid state and the blood

vessel ansa perimeter.




     (Clear)                                                   (Is not clear)                                          (Fuzzy)


Normal state: Nail fold blood capillary arrangement neat,

distribution even, the blood vessel ansa is clearly discernible.



Abnormal state: Arrangement disorder, blood vessel ansa fuzzy

, is possible to because of the oxygen deficit, the blood stream

to be impeded, the Asian health and so on causes.




Shape of blood vessel ansa :


(1) Normal shape likes the hair clip , exceptionally for

overlapping and abnormal, the overlapping proportion number

should not surpass 30%, the abnormal should not surpass 10%



(2) abnormal blood vessel:


Explained: 1st, the  blood vessel of heart and brain disease, the

diabetes, the desmosis and so on, with contract whole body

disease or the partial fungus infection and flesh wound and

other  organization disease  is easy to appear the blood vessel

to be abnormal


2nd, when arteriosclerosis,  diabetes with serious abnormal ,


and the proportion excessive highly.


3rd, collagen disease, Reynold sickness, neurosis, the variation


of blood vessel increases.




Blood vessel ansa’s periphery


After has carried on the shape and the fluid state observation

, but also should carry on the observation to the periphery



1.Seeps out:  refers to, in the blood vessel, appears the


phenomenon for the blood plasma ingredient excessively

permeability blood pipe wall and the accumulation in blood

capillary’s periphery  , is one of common micro circulation

changes. Characteristic: The blood vessel ansa periphery gap

expands, and bright; The blood vessel ansa’s image is fuzzy, the


length reduces.


2.Hemorrhage: phenomenon for the red blood cell leaves to the

blood vessel outside .


Should distinguish the hemorrhage which the flesh wound or

other non- pathogenesis factor creates, if the leakage 

hemorrhage, the main reason is blood capillary wall damage,

causes the permeability hyperfunction and the blood flow

changes and so on .

Blood microcirculation

1. Model XW880(7inch/8inch color LCD)

2. For health care&beautiful industry

3. CE certificate, Nation patent

4. Independent research and development ability

5. nailfold microcirculation microscope is a noninvasive health

diagnostic device


Features: 5 seconds can be observed in the microvascular circulation,

simple operation and fast;

2.the microscopic image is stable, clear, do not shake;

3.400 times the microcirculation of a dedicated high-resolution

lens of the microscope;
4.handheld ultra-light design, so that the observation of more

5.with micro-focus wheel, free to adjust the focus length, the

use of more convenience

6.lens built-in LED cold light source, accurate projection

illumination on an object;

7.using non-invasive way, to observe the microcirculation of

human body in time;

8.observing the microcirculation for any part of human body.




How to use


 1, Put a little cedar oil daub on the nails and cuticles need to be test


 2, Put the finger in the slot, and then adjust the focal length and position


3, Looking for blood vessel and to observe


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Packing︰ 1pcs/box 5pca/carton

Lead Time︰ 3-5Days

Standards Certificate︰ CE

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