Hot sell facial UV skin analyzer for Skin Mositure, Grease, Wrinkle, Pigmentatio

Hot sell facial UV skin analyzer for Skin Mositure, Grease, Wrinkle, Pigmentatio

Model No.︰GY-S10

Brand Name︰SSCH

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 450 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Product Description

 SKIN SCOPE is a skin analyzer mobile device that is used by cosmetic stores sales associates and estheticians to show customers a deep look into their skin and a real need for cosmetic skin care. Each device has an advanced camera and unique sensors that are utilized to easily capture photos of the customer's skin. The photo is then analyzed and amazing results and scores are presented. They show the customer how much a cosmetic treatment is really needed. 

 This UV intelligent skin health analyzer is a high-tech professional instrument that analyzes skin condition scientifically and objectively according to skin morphology theory. It can analyze the skin of users comprehensively by adopting integrated graphics and image analysis technology and optical principle to provide basis for skin beauty and treatment.


a) Imaging System: USA 1/3.25 inch CMOS;Parameters
b) Hardware: 2 mega pixel;
c) Maximum Resolution: 1600*1200;
d) Magnification Factor: 50 times;

e) Operating Temperature: 10-40 °C;
f) Operating Humidity: Below 80%;
g) Power Supply: USB 5V;
h) External Material: Main Unit: ABS


*High definition, good color reducibility and high color purity without color cast;
*Photo-taking push-button function: freezing frame picture, restoring picture for browsing and photo-taking;

*Skin surface layer test;
*Skin bottom layer test;

*Skin UV test;
*Self-owned lighting facilities, no need relying on the light of the external environment when using it;
*With indicator light

Advantages Of US


Your work environment is hectic and demanding enough. That was a main concern for our design team. SKINOSCOPE is independent, light-weight and really easy to use.


SKINOSCOPE was designed for one purpose only - to help you make even more money. 


Amazing capabilities that help you sell your whole line of skin care products or spa treatments.

Software Image

The main page of software 

Add detailed information for clients or group

Taken photos for 5 points on face, can customize more

Compositive report

Detailed reports for Skin Mositure, Skin Grease, Skin color, Skin Wrinkle, Skin Pigmentation, Skin Inflammation and Skin Pore

Customize detailed description and usage of skin care products to your programme

Print report.

View epidermis

View dermis

View UV layer

Replace Your Old Mirror with this New One. 

Appearance & Package

Package include:

1.  CD (comtains software and training video)

2.  Skin scope

3.  Base for scope

4.  Paper box 


1.Facial skin anlysis to find skin disorders
2.Tell skin potential problems
3.Track skinchange trend
4.Sell beauty products and services

Warranty & Aftersale

1. One year warranty and lifelong maintaining

2. Support OEM

3. More discount and information, please contact us!

Packing︰ Standard hard paper box

Lead Time︰ 3-5 days

Standards Certificate︰ CE

custom_attr1︰ UV Skin Analyzer machine

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