portable handheld vein viewer/finder/detector/locator/reader/Veinfinder

portable handheld vein viewer/finder/detector/locator/reader/Veinfinder

Model No.︰GY-60E

Brand Name︰SSCH

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 3000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

portable handheld vein viewer/finder/detector/locator/reader/scanner for Clinic Use

Product Description


Vein finder is a portable model of the vein illuminator.


Vein finderis lightweight and equipped with high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery. Medical staffs can hold it easily to assess and locate the patient’s vascular. For convenient operation, different types of support can be chosen to fix Vein finder



Three Model


Mobile Support

Fixed Support




2.Product Description

The vein illuminator detects veins beneath the skin by using infrared light, then projecting the image of the veins on the skin surface directly above the veins.

Qualified medical personnel can observe the displayed vasculature to find a vein of the right size and the location of superficial veins for venipuncture and other medical procedures.

The vein illuminator only shows superficial vasculature. The maximum depth of displayed veins varies by patients.


3.Applicable Patient
• Fat patients 
• Edema patients 
• Dark skin • Infants 
• Children 
• Old patient 
• Plastic Surgery 
• Vascular Surgery





5.The Feedback

6. Caution

 When held directly overhead, the vein illuminator accurately locates the center of a vein.


lThe width of displayed veins may differ from the actual width, due to the physical differences of patients and the width of veins. But the center line of the vein is accurate.

The vein illuminator is portable internally powered by battery and approved for continuous operation.
The vein illuminator is not protected from ingress of water.

No training is required to operate the vein illuminator.

The vein illuminator requires no routine or preventative maintenance.


Packing︰ carton packing(portable handheld veinfinder/viewer)

Lead Time︰ 3-5 working day

Standards Certificate︰ CE

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