Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD-808

Acupuncture Stimulator - KWD-808

Model No.︰KWD-808-1

Brand Name︰Greatwall

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 65 / pc

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

Both of these models are professional model of acupuncture apparatus, having a very nice and modern design. They are mainly used in clinics and hospitals for detection of acupuncture points, massage(TENS), acupuncture(electro-needle therapy) and magneto-therapy. These units are equipped with built-in timer and can perform 5 different kinds of waveform and each waveform is indicated by a symbol which lights up when selected.

Adjustable Frequency and Intensity
Adjustable Sensitivity probe-Point Locator
Build-in Timer
Five Buttons Wave Form Selection
Frequency Indicator Green Led Light
Power Green Led Light
DC 9V (1.5x6) Size CR14 UM2 Battery
Provide electro-needle therapy
Alternative to Hand Massage
Musical timing switch for medical treatment
Operating Output Protection Device
Provide needless acupuncture-pulse electric therapy
Assisting to Detect Acupoints
Multi-Purpose Health Device

Acupuncture Stimulator — KWD808-I / KWD808-Il Feature
Acupuncture Stimulator -¡ª KWD808-I / KWD808-II The device is very safe, due to its low voltage output, low frequency and emission of frequency equal to that of the human body.

There are five types of pulse waves to be selected:
(1) Continuous wave
(2) Dense-disperse wave
(3) Intermittent wave
(4) Ripple wave
(5) Respiraton wave 

Acupuncture Stimulator -¡ª KWD808-I / KWD808-II
Six kinds of wave combinations may be used at the same time or separately, and the output of each one may be regulated independently. In order to increase its effect, combine two or more outputs.

1.Continuous Wave:
Pulse duration r = (0.5 +/- 0.15)ms;
Repeated pulse frequency: f1=( 1+/- 0.5 ) Hz to
( 100 +/- 10) Hz. and FREQ1 can be regulated continuously,
Max Output pulse amplitude: 40V +/- 10V (Load 500 O.)

Acupuncture Stimulator -¡ª KWD808-I / KWD808-II

2.Dense-disperse Wave:
Dense & disperse waves display alternatively
Disperse frequency is f1, same with base wave;
Dense frequency is about 100Hz;
Pulse duration is 0.5ms;
FREQ2 regulates the frequency f2 of (10 +/- 3) cycles per min to (50 =/- 10) cycles per min
Max Output pulse amplitude: 40V +/- 10V (Load 500 O.)

3. Intermittent Wave:
Pulse shows at regular interval at the same frequency.
4.Ripple Wave:
Its amplitude increases to maximum and drops to zero suddenly, repeating the process.
The frequency: (10 +/- 3) cycles /min to (50 +/- 10) Cycles/min.
The Max output plus amplitude range is over 5V to 30V( load 500O )
5.Respiration Wave:
Its amplitude increases first, then drops quickly to zero, repeating the process.
At 1kO load Vp3 = 24V, other pulse data are same as above.

Acupuncture Stimulator — KWD808-I / KWD808-Il
 Model Name
 Same Features
Power voltage: DC 9V
Input Power </= 4VA
Maximum Power Consumption: < 5W
Measurement (mm):222 x 172 x 75
 9V battery, type PP3,6F22 or its equivalent
 Different Features
6 Output Stations
Perfect for the Medical Professional
2 Detection of Acupuncture Points
Audio Button
4 Output Stations
Low Battery Test Button
On/Off Switch
Perfect for Home Use
1 Detection of Acupuncture Points


Packing︰ Paper box

Lead Time︰ 3 working days within payment recieved

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