2016 Latest Pockage Size BRT Bioresonance Therapy Machine rife frequency generat

2016 Latest Pockage Size BRT Bioresonance Therapy Machine rife frequency generat

Model No.︰GY-BRT

Brand Name︰SSCH

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 799 / pc

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Product Description

Bioresonance Therapy


Bioresonance therapy is a form of alternative medicine belonging to the field of Electromagnetic therapy, invented in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Raschebut, having little acceptance elsewhere, particularly outside of Europe. Initially they marketed it as "MORA-Therapie" - named after themselves (MOrell RAsche). Some of the machines contain an electronic circuit measuring skin-resistance, akin to the E-Meter used by Scientology, which the bioresonance creators sought to improve. (Franz Morell had links with Scientology.) Bioresonance has nothing in common with electroacupuncture concepts.

About Bio-Resonance

Bio-energy resonance or bio-resonance is the field of Energetic Medicine that detects and works with electromagnetic frequency information generated by the body. Bio refers to a living organism and resonance means 'to vibrate in harmony with'.

Our body cells generate tiny electrical impulses that interact or communicate with neighbouring cells. Cells continuously emit and respond to these signals. These signals are in the form of oscillations or vibrations and the oscillation pattern had been found to differ between a healthy person and a sick person. Oscillations from a cell burdened with foreign substances such as bacteria, toxins, etc., also have a different structure to that of a healthy cell.

Sampling micro-magnetic oscillations.

All cells in the body emit minute electrical signals and these signals are used as a means of communication between cells. If a cell is in a good health its signal will be harmonious and resonate in a free manner with other cells the body. If a pathogen (toxin, virus, parasites etc) attacks a cell then the signal coming from the cell becomes distorted. The signal profiles are measured via electrodes attached to the patient's body.



Processing the tapped body information.

Distorted signals coming from damaged cells consist of harmonious and non-harmonious oscillations. So-called molecular-absorption-circuit within the bio-resonance machine filters out the distorted part of the signal.

Bio-resonance therapy.

The non-harmonious oscillations are inverted and returned back to the body as therapeutically effective information. The inverted oscillations cancel out the distorted signals and stimulate the cells to oscillate in a healthy mode.

Bio-resonance simulates the body self-healing, produces NO side effects and represents the next stage in the evolution of health care.   

Detection and healing

Examples of symptoms or features that practitioners claim to detect:
• energy level / vitamin deficiencies / cell oxygenation
• mental health / stress / adrenal activity
• hormonal disorders / immunity response

Examples of diseases allegedly healable with this method:
• allergies
• sleep disorders
• chronic pain

• chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
• stress
• hormonal disorders
• psychosomatic illness. 


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1. Can it support update database? Will you charge it?

    First, our device support being updated online. You can connect it via wireless network, the software can update automatically.

    second, once you purchase this device, we do not charge extra fee for updating in the future.


2. Wouldn't affect others around the person who using it?

    Yes, The back case attached your body, only affect your body.


3. Why it does not contain electrode pads?

    If use electrode pads, will reduce it therapy effect.


4. How about the warranty? How can I get to know more details about it?

    The warranty for machine is one year. 

    If you want to know more about it, please click  "contact supplier" or check below image!



Packing︰ 17*10*6 0.5KG

Lead Time︰ 3-5 working days

Standards Certificate︰ CE

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